There are a few general principles which can be applied to the openings. Pieces are at their most powerful in the centre of the board, and from this a number of opening principles can be derived:
(1) Develop your pieces quickly to control central squares.

(2) Do not make too many pawn moves in the opening because the enemy will gain control of the centre with his pieces.

(3) Develop the minor pieces (knights and bishops) first. It is normal to develop the knights before the bishops because the knight is weak at the edge of the board and exerts much more influence in the centre.

(4) Do not bring the queen out too early; the queen is a very valuable piece and if attacked by enemy minor pieces will normally have to retreat.

(5) Castle early; this brings the king into safety and also helps the development of the rooks.Rooks are most powerful when coupled i.e when they support each other.

(6) Try not to move the same piece too many times in the opening, instead try to develop each piece by moving it once only.

BEST POSITION IN THE OPENING ( :D :D  if your opponent dosen't move :D :D)

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